How to make Gyudon without Sake(牛丼)

This is the Simplest Gyudon Recipe without sake or mirin.  Even without sake or mirin, you can still make good Gyudon.

Ingredient (serves 1)

120g  thinly sliced beef (1/4lb)
80g  onion  (1/4 onion)
1Tbsp julienned ginger 
125ml   water (1/2cup, 4oz)
1.5Tbsp soy source
1.5Tbsp sugar

Some pink pickled ginger (for garnish)


1.     Slice onion thinly.  Cut the beef into small bite-size pieces. 

2.   Put water, soy source, and sugar in a pan .  Add sliced onion and ginger in it.  Place it over middle heat and bring it to boil.

3.    Add beef, lower the heat, and boil it down for about 10 min until the soup will be almost half the amount.

4.     Serve rice in a “Donburi” bowl, put simmered beef over it, and decorate the dish with some pink ginger.

*Julienned ginger can be substituted with paste or dried ginger if not available.
*If you have sake and Mirin, of course add some of them before simmering.  These ingredients make the dish taste better.
*Beaten egg can be added just before turning off the gas. For a little different taste! 
*Chopped green onion can garnish the dish.